Retron 1 back in stock




News: Retron 1 Back in stock



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News: Enjoy our Canadian blowout! Save 20% on most items. Use coupon code A223HDC at checkout.



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News: Save 10%. Use coupon code B223HDC



Nintendo 64 Tomee Combo sale!



News: If you have been holding off to get back into the N64 now is the time to pick one up. With the Tomee combo system you get one factory refurbished charcoal N64, one brand new gray Tomee controller (in our opinion the best clone controller on the market) a brand new power supply and brand new A/V cables!


Sale will be limited to the systems we have in stock, once gone the sale will be over!


Pick one up here!



Our shopping cart setup has changed!


News: We have made our shopping cart more user friendly. If you are having any issues checking out please email customer service and notify us of any error messages displayed.


Thanks for your patience!



PS Move AK Striker!


News: Playstation 3 Move tactical AK-47 has arrived. Designed for PS Move compatible shooters. This gun is about the same size as the AK-U series assault rifles and will add a good amount of realism to many shooters on the PS3.


Buy the PS Move AK Striker here!



Buy a Supaboy and get a free Tomee SNES controller!


News: For a limited time we are giving away a free Tomee SNES controller with every Supaboy that is sold off our webstore!

Buy Hyperkin's Supaboy Here!



Tomee NES Zapper Guns in stock!


News: G&M Retro is now stocking zapper guns for your NES!

Buy Tomee NES Zapper Gun



AT Games SEGA Genesis Review


News: We got a chance to spend a couple of weeks with the SEGA Genesis AT Games Arcade. It's a little bit different from items we normally review.

Read the full review here



Dance Dance Revolution products now in stock!


News: We are now stocking DDR Dance pads for Xbox, PS2, PS1, PC and Wii

Take a look here



Now stocking Retron 1 in silver!


News: Retron 1 Silver NES consoles available!

Buy Retron 1 Silver

Due to customer demand G&M Retro is now stocking Hyperkin's Retron 1 console in silver. This system is a great replacement for your worn out NES console. We recommend this system for anyone who has a a tempermental NES! No more playing with the power switch to get it to read your game. The Retron 1 will also accept your original NES controllers as well.


Replace your SNES Genesis and NES batteries


News: Battery replacement service available!

Buy SNES/NES/Genesis Cart Batteries

Need us to change your batteries?

Are your cartridges not holding saves? This is a sign that your battery needs to be replaced. We have the tools you need to get that old cart saving again. Don't feel comfortable de-soldering and re-soldering ancient circuitry? We can do it for you.